10 Reasons Why Slot Machine Payouts Don’t Matter

Slot machines are still the most popular game in casinos. For slot players, the most critical factor in the game comes down to the payout percentage, or return to player. The player’s return comes down to a percentage of every dollar the casino pays out on slot machines. So if you play a slot machine with an RTP of 90%, the casino will return an average of $90 for every $100 played. Slot machine RTPs in casinos vary widely. It is affected by factors such as where you play and what denominations you are playing in the game. However, several factors may negate your need to focus on slot RTP. Here are 10 reasons why slot machine payouts don’t matter.

1 – You are playing too fast

Slot machine RTP is of the utmost importance to slot machine players. I know slot enthusiasts who spend days and weeks at the casino researching the various RTPs of the slot machines in the days and weeks before their casino trip. Unfortunately, they only look at RTP and don’t take into account the speed at which they are playing the game. Many gamblers look at RTP and make a loose assumption that they expect the house edge to be an hourly loss based on not enough spins. We’ll use 500 spins here at $125 per hour. Of course, this assumes you’re only playing one line, which we know isn’t the case. So multiply that by 5 and you can play up to $625 per hour. With an RTP of 93%, you’re losing almost $44 per hour.

2 – Chasing the game is killing your chances

Players sometimes indulge in chasing freebies offered by casinos. Casino tournaments offer players unique gifts and rewards. The rate of winning bonuses is strictly based on how much the player gambles and has nothing to do with whether you win or lose. Players sometimes make a habit of staying by the machine to get closer to getting these free gifts and rewards. To many, this may seem like smart shopping, but the reality is that you’ll never win as much as you spend on free gifts.

3 – You may not see results in the near future

Slot machine payouts simply give the player a long-term percentage that the machine will pay out. It hardly takes into account the immediate impact you’ll experience when you sit down and slide in a crisp $100 bill.
First, volatility needs to be considered. Volatility is the rate at which the machine pays RTP. Payouts for games are reasonably consistent for some devices that are described as low volatility. High volatility machines will pay RTP when they are good and ready, not moments before. Players on high volatility machines will lose faster. Still, the lucky ones will see major wins, allowing them to profit. There is no way to look at the machine and determine volatility, but gamblers love to talk. Check your local casino forums before you travel to gain insight into the volatility of different games.

4 – You are playing the wrong game

Most players completely ignore the importance of RTP. They roam the casinos looking for a machine that will stand them out and draw a line for the game. RTP is not important to many players because they don’t consider its importance or don’t know what it is. I can admit that I took several casino tours before someone introduced me to RTP. Research games before traveling and you’ll find the best ones. Don’t overlook the importance of the denomination you are playing on a slot machine. The general rule is that the higher the denomination, the better the RTP. Therefore, it is usually best to play the highest denomination you can afford. If you want to experience more slot machines, you can use jilibet. Jilibet provides 3-reel slot machines, 5-reel slot machines, progressive slot machines and other games. Inspired by fairy tales, it will definitely make you feel very cordial.

5 – How fast you lose is more important than percentages

One thing I always look at before playing a casino game is the units I lose per hour. Losing units are crucial if you are gambling for fun and looking to earn a little cash. Therefore, I encourage casual gamblers to collect RTP, average bet amount and spins per hour to determine how far their bankroll will take them. By focusing on these things instead of just the bottom line, you’ll have a better overall experience.

6 – You will fall into a slot machine trance

One thing that every slot machine lover has to be on their toes at all times is slot machine trance. I’m sure most of you have seen a player sit on a stool with their mouth slightly open, their expression glazed over, their eyes barely lifeless, while mindlessly spinning reels. That is slot trance, which turns players into zombies and negates even the highest RTP casinos offer. How could this be? Because players are absent-mindedly burning their entire bankroll and any winnings while in a trance. Their only focus is seeing another bonus round or just watching the reels spin. I can only speculate on what they were actually thinking. Still, I believe it ranges from incredibly funny to downright disturbing.

7 – Progressive RTP is tricky

If you are playing progressive slots that focus on RTP, then you are probably not playing progressive slots for the right reasons. Progressive slot machines are designed to drain the player’s bankroll while offering a potentially huge payday. They have traditionally been poor for players trying to score small victories. That $200,000 will also count toward the game’s overall RTP, which means less money to spread to other players. When you decide to put your money down a progressive slot machine, your best bet is probably to play the game with a lofty goal in mind, or to walk away empty-handed.

8 – You are playing at the wrong casino

If more slot players focused on RTP, the casino would not be as full. That’s because the best RTP games are in online casinos. Online casinos offer ridiculous RTP compared to land-based casinos. Anything above 93% is considered a great RTP in a land-based casino. This will not work in online casinos where the RTP is often over 98%. Casinos have a much smaller footprint and much less overhead than brick-and-mortar casinos. As a result, they are able to take a small slice of the pie and still enjoy incredible profits. So, RTP really doesn’t matter in a brick-and-mortar casino because if it did, you’d be gambling on your computer.

9 – Payouts are the same for most slot machines

My biggest argument against the importance of slot machine payouts being the most important factor in a game is how tight they are between games. In the big picture, a few dollars probably won’t break any of you. That’s what we call a few dollars or even pennies. This is a slight difference that gets even smaller when broken down by denomination. So how much of a difference would you really notice between a machine keeping 11 Pennines out of every 100 versus 10 Pennines out of 100? Yes, same here. Slot machine payouts are often inflated by the edge of gambling braggarts scrutinizing every penny spent at the casino. If you’re so attached to money, play a game that gives you a chance to win.

10 – The casino lied to you

Casinos do not make a habit of blatantly lying to their guests. However, they tend to give only part of the whole truth. I’ve been seeing signs in casinos and online ads about ridiculously high payouts for brick-and-mortar casino slot machines. Sometimes these payout commitments are as high as 98%. Casinos have little chance of filling their wallets with such high payouts. What the casino doesn’t tell you is that there is only one machine that pays such a high fee. So before you dash off to the highly marketed areas of the casino floor, proceed with caution. The actual cost of the machine may be much lower than you think.

Our final thoughts

Slot machines are a form of entertainment for casino gamblers to spend hours in casinos. Don’t get so caught up in RTP that you’re paralyzing the fun. Watch out for 10 reasons why slot machine payouts don’t matter. By not tying yourself to chasing the highest paying machine, you may actually win more. For those interested, JILI Betting Slots has a free download version that can be used to access the game in your mobile app. Whether your mobile phone program is Android, iOS, or computer program, it is your best choice. Now, online slot machines are attracting a lot of attention in casinos, because the rules are simple, you can play anytime, anywhere, and you can get free bonuses in Geely!