5 Terms Every Gamer Should Know

The most common thing to see in a casino is the slot machine, also known as “slot machine”. The machine is a game designed by European and American countries. It has been developed for more than 100 years, so some of the machines only have an English interface. Today, the editor of Jindafa Casino has prepared the following English terms of slot machines for everyone, so that players can have the feeling of experiencing it.

Machine Terminology

1.RTP “Return to Player”

RTP means return to player. It is one of the important reference indicators for playing slot machines. It usually refers to the “return to player rate”, which is the money that slot machines give back to players. It is often expressed as a percentage. The “average” return amount of the game and the player The ratio of betting, the higher the data, the more beneficial it is to the player. The RTP of common slot machine games falls between 85% and 98%. For example, jilibet, you can find the most interesting slot machines and information here. Most of these games are based on movies Inspired by themes and fairy tales, it will definitely make you feel very cordial.


Jackpot’s slot machine game is also called Progressive Jackpot Slot, which is divided into two categories: stand-alone accumulation (sap) and multi-machine online accumulation (lap), which can be subdivided into more different accumulation methods and payout mechanisms. This kind of slot machine draws a certain amount of money invested by players into the jackpot, forming a huge bonus. The Jackpot jackpot is usually limited to a bet of three chips at a time, so players should not play progressive slot machines if they only bet one chip at a time.

3.Pay Table

If players want to increase their odds and win attractive huge bonuses, the first thing to do before placing a bet is to check the winning payout table attached to the game. The payout table will definitely list the values of various symbols in detail for players to check. A more important information is the payline (Win Lines) to be introduced below.

4.Win Lines

Win Lines refers to one or more line segments in the slot machine game. If the connection is successful, you can get a relative bonus. There are usually many ways to play slot machines. Players can choose to bet on only one winning line, of course, they can also bet on multiple lines. Just remember: the more lines you choose, the higher the amount you need to bet. Most slot machines have at least 20, or even more than 1,000 paylines, whether you want to go horizontally, straightly or obliquely.

5.Bonus Symbol “reward symbol”

The “bonus symbol” of a slot machine. These symbols lead to additional free games or bonus games. The common bonus symbols are: Free Spins, Scatter and Wild. If you want to experience this interesting content, jilibet will be your best choice. There are different jiliplay888 game tasks every day. After completing the specified game tasks, you can log in to jilibet to receive the task rewards of the day.