6 tips to teach you how to grab the slot machine bonus

How to choose slot machine channel? This is a question that everyone will continue to discuss, because many people regard slot machines as a tool for gambling, so we can easily find the existence of slot machines in online casinos or in physical casinos, just like jilibet login , you can find many kinds of themed slot machine games here, and you are constantly pursuing how to choose slot machines wisely. Slot machine is a kind of magical game, why do you say that? Because from the standpoint of a gambler, you obviously know that your money is constantly decreasing, but you frantically press the betting button like a demon, and the money is like throwing it into the mouth of a tiger. I can’t get out.
But on the other hand, slot machines have also become the most profitable game in casinos. Walking through the corridors, entrances and exits of major hotels in the casino, there are various types of slot machines everywhere, creating an atmosphere of making money with gorgeous visual effects and brisk music. , the purpose is to hope that passing passengers can play a couple of games, so that you can keep the money. Although it sounds scary, this story is played out hundreds of times in casinos every day, and the mystery of slot machine selection has become one of the games that gamblers from all over the world want to crack. Today we will start from “Slot Machine Selection” From the perspective of “Taiwan” to see if there is a chance to win in the slot machine through the principle of slot machine channel selection!


The well-known slot machine looks bright and beautiful, but there is a lot of knowledge inside. After all, it is necessary to design a machine that will help casinos make money, but every link must be carefully calculated before it can be put on the shelf and run. We can disassemble a slot machine into several parts to explain how the casino can make money.

1.Bonus Setting

Each slot machine will have a fixed bonus setting. To use the simplest example, when a slot machine has earned $100, it will spit out $80 to the player, so that the casino can make a net profit of $20. Of course, the actual situation will definitely not be so simple. It must be gradually approaching the bonus ratio set by the casino every time the button is pressed, and it will not be a one-time result. All in all, all slot machines are the odds set by the casino, which is why there are so many slot machines in the casino, after all, it is a business that can make money without losing money.

2.Pseudo-random number setting

In the perception of ordinary players, the results of each lottery of the slot machine are random, but to correct this concept, it is actually a result obtained by game engineers through mathematical formulas. Since this is an artificially generated parameter, it is not It is completely random, so this parameter is a “pseudo-random number”.
But even if you know this principle, unless you crack the logic of the game engineer, this pseudo-random number is still a kind of randomness for you, so as long as the result of the lottery is random, the casino only needs to play games like baccarat, roulette, etc. Similarly, in different winning lists, adjust the odds.

3.Possibility of Making Money

In fact, through the production principles of the above two slot machines, it is not difficult to find that the slot machines are actually games set by the casino for players to lose money, that is to say. Even if the slot machine itself has formulas and logic, ordinary people have absolutely no way to understand it, so you can directly imagine that playing slot machines is one of the games that will lose money in the long run, which is why most professional gamblers will never touch it. The main reason for slot machines.
But having said that, in recent years, there is still a Russian mathematician, through the acquisition of slot machines, he successfully selected the pseudo-random number setting of the slot machine, found the slot machine “the most suitable moment to press the button”, and ruthlessly extracted from each slot machine. Wonderful stories of big casinos winning tens of millions of dollars.

Crack the 3 tricks

The first trick, observe the frequency of pattern appearance

Some attentive players can find that on some slot machines, even if we don’t count 7 7 7, we can just observe other patterns. It is not difficult to find that some slot machines will have some fixed odds. High pattern, no matter whether the connection is successful or not, when you see such a slot machine, please be sure to choose such a machine first.
Because the slot machine selection probability of this kind of machine has been fixed, unless someone can adjust the program while you are playing, but basically this is unlikely. Slot machine selection tips are suitable for all slot machine players, whether you are a novice or a veteran today!

The second measure, learn to diversify investment

The so-called diversification of investment, whether it is an online casino or a physical casino, there will not be only one slot machine, and there will be other slot machine options on the interface, and you What needs to be done is “learn to diversify investment”, and the method of diversifying investment is as follows:
First select several machines that you want to diversify your investment, and start betting on these machines to diversify your investment.
Each slot machine is played about 10 times.
From the machine you choose, which one has the highest odds, or the number of winning prizes, must be carefully calculated by the player himself.
After using such “slot machine selection” skills to find the so-called high-investment slot machine, you don’t need to spread the risk anymore, and just concentrate on investing in that slot machine.
Many people may think that it is a waste of money to disperse investment, but we think that instead of randomly looking for a slot machine that is not sure whether it is a mine table or not, it is better to use these chips to disperse the investment, so that you have a chance to find Slots that can really make you money.

The third trick, calculation formula

The so-called calculation of slot machine selection formula means that we calculate according to the reel rules of slot machines in online casinos. It is especially applicable to the calculation of slot machines in online casinos. It is very simple. Basically, you only need to break it and the rules. , to seriously calculate the calculation formula of the broken machine, so that you can get the winning secret of slot machine selection, but it has to be said that this method is only limited to the use of experts, if it is an ordinary novice, it is difficult to control of.
winning trial
Although the reality is cruel, we can still grasp the probability of each possible winning formula through some basic calculations. Let’s assume we have a three-line slot machine:


How to calculate the formula of 3 A’s connected in a horizontal line?
First, the first line has 3 Aces; the second line has 1 A; the third line has 2 Aes, and one line has 8 numbers. The probability of winning is 312/(888)=6 /512.
Of course, a machine will never only have A as the winning number. If B, C, D, E, and F are all considered winning numbers when they are connected, then calculate their probabilities and add up to the final possible winning number of this machine. probability. But it is not enough to only know the probability of winning. We also need to calculate the corresponding expected value to know how much we will get for every 1 yuan we bet. Then we must multiply the respective winning results by the corresponding odds. For example, the odds of A are 2 times, and the resulting expected value is 2*6/512. Just as before, multiply the expected values by their respective odds and sum them up, and you can calculate the winning formula for throwing money into this slot machine. hello.
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