How many games is enough to play on casino slot machines?

The best slot machines games have gorgeous designs, simple gameplay, and of course, high payouts. No wonder some of the highest paying online jackpots are slot machines.
However, online slot machines are a game of chance that requires little skill. Therefore, knowing the exact amount a player needs to be successful at slot machines can be challenging. So, this article does the math to help come up with the perfect slot machine bankroll.

Game volatility and RTP

As any experienced slot player will attest, it pays to know a little bit about RTP and volatility. Game volatility or variance refers to how often and how much a game pays out under the best circumstances
For example, if the slot machine is a high variance slot machine, the game pays out less frequently but in higher amounts. However, for low variance slots, the opposite is true. So use this information to determine your playing style.
Another important stat to keep in mind is RTP (Return to Player). Basically, it is the expected return of a slot machine, expressed as a percentage.
As an example, usually, the average RTP rate of jilibet login slot is 96%. In this case, if jilibet players bet $100 on the spin wheel, their expected maximum return is $96. The other 4% is the house edge.
The above example shows that a smart player should choose a time slot with low volatility and high RTP. This allows you to extend your funds for a long period of time. Be aware, however, that low RTP and high variance slots can pay out life-changing sums.

Min/Max Bet

Now, things are clearer. Most slot machines have paytables ranging from $0.10 to $100. But it’s not uncommon to play on machines with paytables ranging from $0.20 to $120. In either case, it’s best to play with low stakes if you want to spend more time with the machine.
For example, a gamer plays a slot machine with a minimum bet of $0.10 and 400 spins per hour. In this case, the average amount a player needs per hour is $40, which is a pretty low amount. So, keep the stakes low and play more.

Play speed

Are you tracking your game speed on real money online slots? If you do, that’s good news, because calculating the average amount you need is now a breeze.
So, let’s say Player A spins 400 times per hour. Player B, on the other hand, goes much faster at 600 spins per hour.
Here, fast players spend more on slot machines than slower players. So keep track of your playback speed and use these numbers to determine the average amount you need to use.


Last but not least, your bankroll determines how long you can speed up at the casino. So think about the bankroll size, and get high if possible.
Let’s say you run a thorough audit of your mobile casino account to determine the average amount you spend on slot machines each day. If it’s $20, that means you’ll need at least $600 a month to spin the reels.

The bottom line

All in all, determining the exact amount the average slot player needs to play per day, week, or even month is a bit complicated. Of course, bonuses and promotions don’t make things any easier.
Fortunately, the tips above will help you get a rough estimate of what you need to play without affecting your financial situation. But remember, these are just theoretical calculations. Things are very different on the ground. If possible, it is suggested that players can try it through a free trial. For example, jilibet provides this service, and players can also play jilibet slot machines through their promotional content.