Slot Games: Do You Think You Can Cheat Online Casinos?

Slot games are one of the best sources of entertainment without borders. Still, players who have spent some time playing slot games for a while want something more. Do you also dream of getting a million dollar profit to solve all your problems? Online casino games undoubtedly bring the best fun and great bonuses. Can slot games be cheated? find below

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Slot games are the most popular online casino games. The thrill of the game itself, the colorful themes, but above all the ease of winning big draws new players to online casinos.
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This information sounds unrealistically good, what’s so cool about it? Is it possible to outwit the system and cheat the casino? This is nearly impossible today, but there were exceptions in the not-too-distant past!

How do slot machine scams work?

Today’s slot games, i.e. their systems, are extremely difficult, almost impossible to crack due to complex computer algorithms. However, in early June 2014, accountants at the Lumiere Place casino in St. Louis noticed that the slot machines were “throwing” more money than usual on a “rampage,” even though larger jackpots were not “falling down.” Using surveillance cameras, they spotted a suspicious player who had won over $21,000 in just 2 days. Later, other casinos in Missouri reported various “cheaters” who had one thing in common: The perpetrators placed their phones near older Aristocrat Leisure machines, just before their luck smiled.
The investigation led to Murat Bliev, a Russian citizen who profited by banning gambling in Russia in 2009 and then owned a large number of slot machines. Namely, fraudsters try to alter the slot machine, i.e. check its source code due to vulnerabilities.
Until early 2011, casinos in Central and Eastern Europe recorded the odd situation in which slot games from the Austrian company Novomatic paid out incredibly large winnings. The company later admitted that it was said to be able to identify a “pattern” in the results of the slot machines through long-term observation of individual game sequences and their recordings.

What exactly is the “sequence” of these slot games? What is the key? accidental!

Are slot machine wins really random or programmed?
Wondering if payoffs are truly random? The answer lies in the concept of the Random Number Generator RNG, which is the main principle by which casino games work. That said, this principle was devised by mathematicians and statisticians to allow the outcome of each spin to be random and therefore fair to the players.
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How to detect bonus “patterns” on slot machines?

Murat Bliev and his team must be very skilled and put in a lot of effort. The random numbers are encoded with the help of human hands, but in an extremely complicated way. That is, random number generators take initial numbers that are “mixed” with various hidden and variable inputs, all in order to produce seemingly unpredictable results. The starting number depends on the time state of the slot machine, such as data from an internal clock. So even if they have access to the game’s internals and understand how its RNG works, hackers should analyze gameplay to spot patterns. This again requires time and a lot of computer equipment.
Bliev and team bypassed the challenge. Various intelligence investigations and data have revealed how Russian fraudsters recorded around 20 laps of cellphones in the games they intended to cheat. They then send the video to technicians in Russia who will analyze the video and use it to calculate a sample of the vending machine based on what they know about the RNG. Finally, a team from Russia sends a token that vibrates for about 0.25 seconds before the player hits the “SPIN” button via a custom app on the fraudster’s phone. Such limited spins are not always successful, but result in much higher payouts than slot game allotments. Bliev and his team were ultimately sentenced to two years in federal prison and deportation. The crooks who followed them were less skilled, and their tricks were easier to spot.
Fortunately, scams like this and similar ones are less likely these days due to the increasingly demanding technical solutions used to create new slot games.

Which slot games bring the biggest payouts?

Winnings cannot be predicted, as there is no way of knowing which slot games will bring you the biggest payouts. Each spin is unique and random, guaranteed by the random number generator RNG.

So what is RTP, the percentage returned to the player?

RTP is the result of long-term play, i.e. after tens of millions of spins. For example, if you play a slot game with an RTP of 95%, it means that you will be paid back 0.95 kn for every kuna you play in the long run.
As has been said, it is not that easy even in the short term, but winning when playing slot games is mostly a matter of luck.
Slot games can be played without tactics and special rules, and winning after the first few rounds will surprise you. This is the main allure of the casino game itself. So, forget about scams and play your favorite slot games at jilibet, Asia’s best legal online casino.