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Boom Legend Fishing

This is the JILI game presented in the way that the king fights. You are the king. Attack these enemies on the river. If you successfully attack, you can get rewards from them. This game is very interesting and simple, you can enter the game with confidence to play.

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Bombing Fishing

Fried fish can get high bonuses. In this game, there are innovative bullet and torpedo modes in JILI game. When shooting gold bullets, you can kill the target without any effort.

You can get up to 1200x bonus odds in the game. In this fun game environment, there are many …

Mega Fishing

This super octopus is the protagonist in the game. Its appearance brings lucky roulette, which gives you bonus options. There are many exquisite fishes. They all carry different bonuses. They are in the same position as the huge octopus BOSS. This sea area provides wealth, please come quickly.

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Happy Fishing

In the game, the beautiful seabed is the main background, and there are many free fishes. These fish have many different rewards. There are also many special fish in the game. The props on them can make it easier for you to get rewards.

There are several easy targets in …

Royal Fishing

The dragon king under the sea is waiting for the arrival of players in this sea area. He has prepared a lot of fish in this sea. Today is your lucky day. Come here to enjoy the fun of fishing. These fish have many bonuses of different amounts. If you …

Dragon Fortune

This is the first dinosaur-themed shooting fish game developed by JILI. The dinosaurs in it are all moved in 3D animation. Use your weapon to aim at it, and you have a chance to win. There are a lot of them. The rewards of dinosaurs are relatively small, while dinosaurs …

Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot Fishing is a fish shooting game with jackpots as its main function. The game is developed by JILI, other features in the game can also become interesting, including special fish. There are many types of hunting to choose from, and there are many cute and colorful fishes.

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Dinosaur Tycoon

Many cute dinosaurs will meet you in this shooting fish game, which is now one of the favorite games among many players.

The gameplay is simple, as long as your shooting weapon is good enough, you can defeat these dinosaurs with high rewards

Symbols in the game

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