Teen Patti

“Classic Indian poker game, three cards give you endless hope!” TeenPatti is the most popular poker game in India. You can place bets with luck, skill and courage. No matter what card you have, there is hope of winning!

What is Teen patti?

Teen patti means “three cards” in English. It originated in India. It has a close relationship with Indian religious festivals. They are also a game of social events. People often play during Diwali.

How to play Teen patti?

Teen Patty is usually played by 3 to 6 players, using 52 card packs, and no clowns. Usually, before the cards are distributed, there must be a fixed amount that players are willing to bet, and each player will receive three face-down cards.

The ACE card has the highest score, and the 2 is the lowest score on the board, with three cards of the same number. Three Aces are the highest and three 2s are the lowest. This is a hand with three cards arranged out of order. Not all cards are from the same suit, no cards or two cards have the same value. If two players have a common big card, the next highest card will be used to determine the winner.