Bombing Fishing

Fried fish can get high bonuses. In this game, there are innovative bullet and torpedo modes in JILI game. When shooting gold bullets, you can kill the target without any effort.

You can get up to 1200x bonus odds in the game. In this fun game environment, there are many bonuses and many props to help you.

There is a special character in the game. The pink pufferfish is a special target. When you shoot it, it will get angry and get bigger, and when it gets bigger, the more rewards you can get.

The prop fish in the game are crabs with bombs and lobsters with bullets. When you attack them, they will help you get high rewards.

Symbols in the game

On the right side of the game screen, there is a bullet symbol. This item requires you to shoot a variety of fish to collect bullets.

The fish with the highest reward in the game is the bounty crab. The dice on these two bounty crabs are multiples of the reward. When the bounty crab appears, you must not give up, you must lock it to attack.