Dinosaur Tycoon

Many cute dinosaurs will meet you in this shooting fish game, which is now one of the favorite games among many players.

The gameplay is simple, as long as your shooting weapon is good enough, you can defeat these dinosaurs with high rewards

Symbols in the game

For the role of Golden Tyrannosaurus, you can get high rewards up to 100-150. If you shoot it, you can get high rewards.

After successfully defeating the character of the mammoth, you can get up to 150-300 rewards! Mammoths are the dinosaurs with the highest chance of being shot. Become the third place in the dinosaur shooting slot game.

There are many different kinds of dinosaurs waiting for you in the game. There is also a dinosaur egg in the game. When the battery is full, you can summon the Mortal Stones to defeat these dinosaurs and get you many rewards.