Dragon Fortune

This is the first dinosaur-themed shooting fish game developed by JILI. The dinosaurs in it are all moved in 3D animation. Use your weapon to aim at it, and you have a chance to win. There are a lot of them. The rewards of dinosaurs are relatively small, while dinosaurs with big rewards appear occasionally.

The operation method of this game is very simple. It is the same as playing game consoles in childhood. All dinosaurs are flying in the sky. You only need to select your bullet, and then aim at the target you want to shoot and attack. On the right hand side of the screen, there is a thunderball attack weapon. If you use this weapon, the target of your attack will definitely give you the money.

Symbols in the game

There are many kinds of dinosaurs flying in the sky, and there are flying pigs. This is very interesting. When a golden flying dinosaur appears on your screen, its prize amount is the highest. If you have enough money, then you will aim It!