Happy Fishing

In the game, the beautiful seabed is the main background, and there are many free fishes. These fish have many different rewards. There are also many special fish in the game. The props on them can make it easier for you to get rewards.

There are several easy targets in the game. You can attack the clown fish. It has a lot of gold coins on its body. As long as you attack it, you will easily win. There are other small fishes that are also the favorite of beginners. Increase your game rewards. When the BOSS fish arrives, you can concentrate your firepower to attack.

Symbols in the game

The highest reward fish in the game is the blue shark, which is the protagonist in the game. When it appears, the background music becomes very tense. Generally, the music in the game and the blue background will make people feel relaxed and happy.

There are several prop fish in the game. They are crabs or lobsters. They have special props on them. As long as you attack it, the props on it will drop, which can help you attack more fishes and get more rewards.