Mega Fishing

This super octopus is the protagonist in the game. Its appearance brings lucky roulette, which gives you bonus options. There are many exquisite fishes. They all carry different bonuses. They are in the same position as the huge octopus BOSS. This sea area provides wealth, please come quickly.

There are 3 rooms in the game. This is the difference between the bonus odds. You can choose the octopus boss with the highest bonus odds, or the crocodile boss, or the fortune turtle. You can choose the room you want to enter according to your amount.

Symbols in the game

There are a lot of big bosses with high rewards in this game. They all carry different bonuses. The octopus boss has the highest reward. You can collect special shooting weapons by shooting smaller fish. Use this special weapon. Come to attack the big boss, you have a high chance to get rewards, among them there is a crocodile full of gems.