Bubble Beauty

Legend has it that there is a cute mermaid princess in the sea. She is very adventurous and likes to play everywhere. She is good at playing musical instruments and has a sound like a natural voice. The singing voice can make people deeply fascinated, as long as you are really right. She, she will take you to find the treasure in the sea.

This is a 5X4 reel video slot machine. There will be sea bubbles that mermaids like to play in the screen, there will be a symbol representing the mermaid, and there are 50 game paylines, making it easier for you to get rewards, up to 1000X.

Symbols in the game

The SCATTER in the game is the heart of the mermaid, beautiful and moving. As long as you can collect her 3 hearts, you can get 10 free spins. The score bubbles in the free game will not disappear. The WILD symbol is a cute mermaid. Princess, she can replace general symbols and special symbols, giving players a chance to get big rewards.

There are several special symbols in the game, namely the harp with the highest payout rate, the shell drum, the shell sand bell, and the shell microphone. The highest payout rate for the harp is as high as 250.