Fa Fa Fa is a game from JILI Slot. The word “fa” in Asia brings people auspiciousness and wealth. Using a simple reel to play this game means to bring players a lot of wealth. The visual effects in the game include a big red representation, and each symbol is also a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness. This is not to be missed by gamers who like simple connections.

Symbols in the game

The symbol of this game is based on the type of Asian coins. The symbol of the biggest prize is the gold medal written on the side. If there are 3 of these symbols on the pay line, you can get a reward of 888, followed by ingots, There are also red envelopes and other styles of gold coins. The most special thing is that if there is any symbol arranged on the pay line, you will also have a small bonus, including a gold medal issued.