Feng Shen

If you like Chinese fairy tales, then this game is a game you can try more. This slot machine made by the JILI team and featuring the fairy tale “Feng Shen” as the protagonist makes it easier for players to get rewards.

This game is presented in a 4×6 format and also provides 4096 ways to win. Win higher game rewards by collecting reward symbols. The graphics in the game look good, including high-quality icons in different colors, beige scrolls, jade frames, and views with high cliffs in the background.

Symbols in the game

The SCATTER symbol in the game is a magnificent palace. After entering the free game, you can get 6 SCATTER symbols and you can get up to 10 free spins.

The WILD symbol is a symbol represented by Chinese characters. It can only be found in slots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. According to the completion of the pay line, you can get game rewards.

Among the special symbols, the symbol of Feng Shen is the protagonist and the symbol with the highest reward. Among them, the symbol of the female guard also carries a high reward. After collecting these special symbols, you can get many game rewards.