Fortune Pig

Lucky Pig is a classic online slot machine in the JILI game. This cute little pig will give you lucky fortune. You don’t need to download this game. You can play directly on the website and enter the game at any time. Play happily. It is an animal symbolizing wealth. , The style is not complicated at all, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone, you can try to play.

The game uses an online slot machine with 3X3 reels. You only need a simple connection to get rewards. These piglets have different ways of playing. If your lucky red pig appears on the reels, you can re-spin the machine.

When one or more lucky yellow pigs appear, they will expand down to two positions at most. But this extended symbol will not trigger other effects.

Symbols in the game

This game is a simple spinning game, and the games inside include red envelopes, pineapples, grapes, and the watermelon that the pig likes to eat, including BARx3, BARx2, and BARx1 to help players connect and increase rewards. You have 8 ways to connect.