Fortune Tree

This is a treasure tree. This tree is a legendary story. In the story, the villagers received this seed from the sky and planted the seed of the tree into the soil. The villagers took care of the tree for many years until the tree was fully grown. Later, the tree bears the fruits of wealth, which rewards the villagers who take care of the tree very well.

Chinese classical music is accompanied by 3X5 reels to multiply the line. This game, the fruit on the tree of wealth gives you many cute fortune pigs. This game has exquisite Chinese symbols and many functions. There are also 30 paylines. How to play Simple, up to 1000 times rewards can be received.

Symbols in the game

When the lucky tree bonus game symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5, it will unlock the bonus function of the money bag. The dragon symbol is the symbol with the highest reward in the game. The second is the Chinese currency, followed by symbols that symbolize wealth, and there are free spin bonuses to reward you and give you the best gaming experience.